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Baby Steps

From www.juliekientz.com:
"We are interested in designing technology to help detect, record, and track important developmental milestones that occur in children during their first 5 years of life. By tracking these milestones, we can help parents and healthcare providers detect developmental delays such as autism or deafness earlier, which can improve the effects of interventions. We have developed design guidelines for developing technology to support new parents in record-keeping and implementing novel technologies to support better record-keeping and decision-making about developmental progress. We have also designed and evaluated two systems called Baby Steps and KidCam, which were aimed to meet the record-keeping needs of new parents."

This summer Dr. Kientz along with myself and two other undergraduate students, will be working to further develop this project. We are building a database that will function as the backend to the Baby Steps website, as well as the applications that will provide SMS texts and twitter updates. I will be working on developing a Baby Steps website where parents will be able to login and see their children's progress. I will conduct some usability tests that will help better the look and feel of the website, allowing the users to ultimately determine the product that is made for them.