.: My Summer in Berkeley, CA


I was placed at Cal Berkeley through the DREU program for the summer working in the field of computer vision. This website will document my progress through my project!

.: My Project:

An area of intense research in computer vision is the analysis of human action. To date this analysis has relied almost entirely upon data collected of a human subject wearing expensive sensors at a sparse set of points. Due to these limitations, human action recognition using this data is extremely suspect. Recently, we developed an inexpensive 3D camera with high fidelity and have illustrated how to extract a skeletonization of a human being (called articulated tracking) in realtime using this sensor. My mentor is having me work on comparing the performance of our articulated tracking in estimating human pose to the performance of the invasive, expensive wearable sensors. We believe this analysis could provide the incentive for all human action recognition research in computer vision to rely on the data collected by our method.