My Dreu Experience

Alvitta Ottley




This project is aimed at solving the problem of texting while driving. voiceText allows you to send texting using only verbal communication. In contrary to popular believe, the message being sent is not transcribe. Instead the recorded message is just sent to the intended individual.

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Conversational Agents (Avatar Shopping)

Studies show that majority of seniors (age 65 and up) do not use the internet. This is due to a decrease in hand-eye coordination and dexterity. The Conversational Agents project is aimed at making websites, in particular e-commerce website, more accessible to seniors.

To learn more about this project, visit the project website at


iTECH means Interactive Technical Assistant. The term was coined by Dr. Dale-Marie Wilson who, in her dissertation, proposed the idea of using a conversational agent as a manual for a computer system instead of traditional printed manual. The lab observed that vehicles are become more and more complex and so are the accompanying manuals. In addition to this no one wants to take the time to read a manual from cover to cover in order to fully understand all the features of their vehicles. With iTECH a driver may be able to ask a question to the car itself and get a brief verbal response as well as the page number where it can be found in the manual.

Prime III

Prime III is an electronic voting system that allows everyone, regardless of inabilities, to cast their votes securely and independently. We hypothesized that Prime III assists voters with the verification of votes. Past studies have shown that only 50% of voters noticed when changes where deliberately made to their votes. We aimed to show that Prime III is more secure than other electronic voting system (DREs).

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