ICar and iTech and voiceTEXT

With this project I worked with Graduate Students Jerone Dunbar, Hanan Alnizami and Josh Ekandem and DREU students Marvin Andujar and Alvitta Ottley. Our main focus was to measure the effects on people while driving vehicle and using a handheld device such as an ipod or cell phone, using a driving simulator. With the ITech part we wanted to make it easier for car owners to acces their owners manuel and ask questions they might have about their vehicle without actually having to pull out the physical manuel, and taking their eyes off the road. the idea is for them to ask the car, while driving, whatever they need and the system will respond telling them a solution and also refering them to the right page number in the physical owners manuel. I was in chargeof setting up the actual driving simulator and learning all its functions inside out and documenting it for people that will use it in the future.