My Research Project

 My research project is called Some Joules Are More Precious than Others: Managing Renewable Energy in the Datacenter. In other words we are going to make datacenter go green. This means that the energy there will be using is more clean and better for the environment. How do I come in this big project? The big problem of using Wind or solar power is that it’s not there 24/7 it only there when the winds blows and sun shines. Because of this we need some type of storage to save is energy for when we need it later. Well for the first week I was looking up all kind of information on different types of energy storage. And looking witch where better case taking in consideration three things Cost, efficiency, and the warm-up/ start up time of these.
Research Interests: Sustainable Datacenters, Renewable Energy, Green Alternatives, Hybrid Systems, Energy Cost Effectiveness.