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Things you should know before you come to College Station

"How do you get around in College Station?"
Simple. You don't. I'm just kidding. Your only modes of transportation are your legs and buses that only run on the weekdays (until 6pm). If you'd rather not walk everywhere you go, I recommend looking for a bike on Craig's List. This will help you get out of the hot humid Texan heat that much faster. You should also make friends with your hall's RA because he/she may be willing to drive you places when you need to. And if you're feeling really lucky, you can try asking your graduate student mentor and/or mentor to drive you places.

"What's your food situation?"
There's a meal plan that you can buy to eat at the cafe place here, but I don't use that. My Vassar people and I are cooking our food. There is a kitchen in the dorm, but there is not much kitchenware to use. If you can find a group of people who are willing to cook and help pay for supplies, I suggest buying your own cheap pots and pans at H.E.B, Albertsons, or WalMart. It'll work out just fine.

"What the heck is H.E.B.?"
It's a local grocery store that is reachable via bus and is supposedly cheaper than anywhere else.

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