Research Project

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The goal of my research project is to develop a method of rapid prototyping of physical user interfaces, while allowing designers to be able to make their own parts.  In the past, physical user interface designs would consist of two portions, making the physical form, and developing the interactions.  These two designs would not meet until very late into the design process.  The ability to allow designers to focus on both form and interaction can help save time while designing a physical user interface.  Many toolkits have been developed in order to help with this issue.  However, the use of a toolkit constricts designers to certain parts, when it is desirable to use their own parts.  My research will allow designers to "plug in" a part they like, and allow the part to function by means of computer vision and/or RFID, so they don't need an understanding of hardware of software.

Some goals of my summer include:

My project proposal is yet to come.