Nicholas Hubbert

2009 DREU

My Project

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            Basically I and my partner (Maduka Ogba, he is also a DREU participant) are going to be helping out on project that is very essential for 
any user to be able to see how diverse a set of objects are. The set of objects can be anything from a fantasy football team, people in a 
state, college admissions statistics, etc. The other focus of the project is finding out what is the easiest and efficient way of displaying 
the visualization so the users wouldn't find it to technical to analyze.
            I and Maduka will be creating a web-based application that will display the two images to the screen and output a message to the user on 
whatever the question the group decides on. The user will be able to choose only one of the two choices. After the choices are made we are 
going to have to store the results in a database.
A rough draft of the project follows:
1.         HTML/PHP (What are we going to use to develop the application?) 
2.         Design Information(What design approach are we going to use?)
-           Get Questions
-           Get Images
3.         PHP Format (For processing that file)
4.         Backend Storage (How we are going to store the results the user input?)
-           Txt file
-           Database