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Our team will be working on two projects this summer. The first project is the Dance Tool, which is a game built using the Unity game engine. It teaches introductory programming concepts (such as loops) to middle school and high school students. Implementation of the Tool needs to be completed along with the documentation, and a study and paper will follow. As an introduction to the Unity environment and scripting, each team member created a three level labyrinth and deployed it to the web. Launch the Unity web player to play Rachel's game.

The second project is the development of several lightweight iPhone applications to be used at this summer's STARS conference. The games will utilize the iPhone's unique inputs, such as the accelerometer and touch, and will interface with other iPhones in-game to facilitate networking and teambuilding in the conference setting.

The links to Rachel's final paper, poster, and presentation are below:

Research Paper
Research Poster
Final Presentation

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