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  This is a rendered image of a non-humanoid character that I have been trying to animate.  


The main goal of the research project is to provide a way to animate a non-human character using an actor's performance during a motion capture session.


1. Research previous methods of animation and deformation that have been implemented to animate humanoid and non humanoid charachters that have been published.

2. Learn about and implement retargeting methods, which is a method that will be used to transfer motion from one motion capture skeleton to another.

3. Investigate and implement free form deformations, inverse kinematics, and other advanced rigging methods.

4. Apply motion capture data to animate previously rigged characters.

5. Develop and provide a new, more efficient method of animating non-humanoid characters using motion capture data by either developing an optimization, a new user interface, or a new software package.

Read the Final Report Here.