I was fortunate enough to research with the best and coolest mentors in the nation! It has definitely been a unique and great experience to tap into the wealth of knowldege each mentor had, even outside of the research scope. I have learned so much from them that I can apply to my undergraduate courses, and even in preparation for graduate school!

My mentors had a lot of patience and understanding as I grappled with different computing concepts dealing with Natural Language Program Analysis (NLPA). They gave me a great glimpse of what graduate school is like, both the benefits and challenges that may arise. Each one has been encouraging and for that I am very thankful! Being a part of this research group has truly been more like joining a family or community! I had the pleasure of working with head mentor, Dr. Lori Pollock, and PhD student mentors Emily Gibson and David Shepherd.

My mentoring professor, Dr. Lori Pollock is one of the eighteen professors in the Department of Computer & Information Sciences here at the University of Delaware. One of her main focuses of research is on...you guessed it, natural language program analysis and how the NLP methodology can not only be used for the English language, but also in computer programming. Dr. Pollock's research does not by any means end here! She also researches how program analysis in general, can be used for parallel and distributed systems, software testing, and several more applications.

Emily Gibson is one of the PhD student mentors who made this experience even more memorable. Her past experiences, joys, and frustrations have been a great motivator for me. Emily has already been through the EXACT challenges that were discouraging me from going to graduate school for computer science! She is currenting working on an important subgroup of NLPA. Her research is focused around optimizing software tools so that they are easy to understand and are more manageable.

Last, but certainly not least, there is David Shepherd. He is the very University of Delaware PhD student who brought the idea of applying the NLPA to computer programming. David is a great part of representing source code using the NLP method and also for implementing different search tools, specifically, Find-Concept. It has been really cool having the student who originated this NLP project at the university right here in the research lab!

I am definitely glad that I got to work with each one of them! If you would like more information about these amazing people and their research feel free to check out their sites! Just click on their links below!

Mentoring Professor

Lori Pollock

Dr. Lori Pollock

PhD Student Mentors


Emily Gibson Hill

David Shepherd