My name is Meilani Williams, and I am from Leavenworth, Kansas! I am currently an undergraduate studying at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. A small town no one really knows about! I am going to enter my senior this fall, but I am only considered a sophomore in computer science. I'm crazy enough to double major in computer science (CS) and mathematics. I love both despite my occasion complaints while programming! Part of the reason for the difficulty is that I am trying to truncate my four year CS degree into three! Let me just say I look forward to May 18, 2008...hint: my expected graduation date!

When I am not working on my wonderfully, vigorous coursework, I enjoy spending time with my family, serving God and others, missions, anything dealing with music,and playing different sports! I have been on two mission trips to Southeast Asia, and I am planning on going to the Philippines in January 2008. I compose and write lyrics, I love singing, learning piano, playing volleyball, basketball, pretty much any sport, and I am a poet and I love to read (yes, even some of my textbooks)!

On the more technical side, I have fun devoting my time to my local Association of Computing Machinery chapter(President for 2006-07 and Vice President for 2007-08), preparing for the upcoming Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) conference, and serving and leading different Christian Service Organization (Publicist) events on the SBU campus and in the surrounding area.

I have not laid out all my education plans, but I plan on getting my B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, and I am strongly considering graduate school. The more experience I get from this research program, the more convinced I am that graduate school is not to scare me to death (as it has been doing), but to reinforce the education that I have already obtained and to refine my skills for a deeper scope for my future career. You cannot go wrong preparing for the future right! So I encourage every fellow student to consider participating in a research program! You definitely will not regret it!

If you want to know more, please feel free to email me: Meilani Williams