My Project:

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The objective of this project is to bring in visualization of the vicinity sniffer’s location with multiple access points (AP). Also, it would analyze the sequence numbers to trace uncaptured frames such as data frames, RTS frames (request to send) and CTS frames (clear to send). Additionally, when you select the APs, text area will show the access points details of wireless network traffic. The same data format will be shown from different sniffer’s location with different access points (APs).


Tethereal is a network protocol analyzer which allows the user to capture the data from a live network or read packets from already saved file. We can decode the packets and print it in a standard output or write the packets to a file. This project was focused on the research paper[1] .Related work of this project work was done by a previous student. The code is used to read the tcpdump file from the live capture. The end result of running the code produces a “stats.out” file that lists all BSSes (Basic Service Set) that actually had transmitted a data packet. The lists of BSSes sorted by the number of data ack and by the number of packets transmitted on the BSS. A wireless sniffer is supposed to capture all the packets from the access point. But it couldn’t trace all the packets due to loss of signals (similar to noisy rise in the congested network in the radio waves or telephone signal).