About Me

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Libby Johnson

I am a senior in Computer Science at Colorado State University.
I am interested in combining computers and images as powerful tools to meet peoples' needs and, I plan to pursue this interest in graduate school.

Long Version
I am just finishing my second bachelorís degree in Computer Science at Colorado State University; my first bachelorís degree is in Art History. In the fall, I will be a graduate student at Colorado State with a teaching assistantship. I am very excited about my teaching assistantship because, after working as a student tutor, I think I enjoy teaching and this will give me a real opportunity to try it out. I am trying to decide between working in industry or academia so, this summer I am experiencing research with the DMP program, in the fall and spring I will experience teaching, and next summer I plan to seek an industry internship.

From Art History to Computer Science
I am interested in how people produce, use, and respond to images. Art History obviously satisfies this interest; Computer Science does as well. Computers and images are combined to aid in data interpretation, teaching, biomedical imaging, and in computer use (graphical user interfaces). I want to combine computers and images as powerful tools to meet peoples' needs.

On a personal note

  • Love to my family and friends.
  • I enjoy hiking, taking photographs with my 35mm manual camera, cooking, good wine, good lattes, music, art, and travel.

Here are some photos Kayre took when we went hiking.

Wendy and I hiking Mt. Nittany. Wendy is a friend I made this summer in State College. She works as a post doctorate in the School of Information Science and Technology at Penn. State.

This is my fellow DMP participant and roommate, Kayre, standing at the Mt.Nittany trailhead.