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My name is Terra Horton and I am an undergraduate from Langston University (Langston,OK). I will graduate in May 2007 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics and an Associates degree in Accounting.

This summer I am participating in the Distributed Mentoring Project (DMP) at Texas A&M University. This program gives undergraduates an oppurtunity to gain research experience in computer science.

I am working in the Parasol Lab with Dr. Nancy Amato. I am working on the Feature Sensitve Motion Planning project. My mentors are Marco Morales Aguirre, Lydia Tapia, and Roger Pearce.


Before attending this research program I didn't know what motion planning was. Now I am interested in learning the different aspects of motion planning and the different ways it can be used. Last summer I participated in a computer graphics research program at Oklahoma State University. I learned a lot about computer graphics but I would like to learn more.


Below are links for more information about my summer project. The Research Plan outlines my project for the summer. The Journal Entries contain a weekly log of my experience through out the program. The Parasol Presentation is the presentation I gave in a Parasol meeting.

Journal Entries

Research Plan

Research Paper

Parasol Presentation

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