Brianna Tracy
DMP Experience 2004

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I am very excited that I was selected to participate in the CRA-W's Distributed Mentor Project . It's a great opportunity to learn and grow as a computer science student. My project for the summer is to create animations of an ontology of events for video analysis of UAV videos. It is a small part of a project that Dr. Shapiro is working on in conjunction with Boeing. The goal of the project is to have an animation for each event that the UAV videos are being analyzed for.


This project is the first, at the University of Washington, to combine the areas of Computer Vision and Animation. It is hoped that this work can eventually be used to gain a grant in order further research between the two fields. My personal motivation in choosing the project is that I've always had an interest in animation but never had the opportunity to work on anything involving animation.


I would like to thank my advisor Dr. Ellen Walker for suggesting that I participate in the Distributed Mentor Project and for her recommendation as well. I would also like to thank Professor Angela Guercio for her recommendation. A big thank you to my mentor Dr. Linda Shapiro for being my mentor and for all that I've learned from her. Thanks should also go to Marc Thyng for all his help in learning to use Maya.