CRA-Wx DMP Program
Katie Coons - The University of Texas at Austin
Distributed Mentor Program Summer 2004

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Pictures of Andy's weekend in Texas

The first picture I ever took with my awesome new camera! We went to the Quiznos across the street from Best Buy and I couldn't resist pulling it out. It's a Canon PowerShot SD110 Digital Elph with 3.2 mega pixels and I love it very dearly. It is so small and well-designed, it looks like it was designed by Apple or something :)

After purchasing my camera, we went to the Exotic Resort Zoo in Johnson City, Texas. We rode around on a tram and fed the animals, at least until Omar, the camel approaching in the background, stole Andy's bucket of feed...

Watch your feed more carefully, Andy, Omar's got his eye on it...

We thought this was pretty classic: me and a Texas long horn. One of his horns is bigger than the other so his head is always tilted to the left.

Andy and I never got very good at taking pictures of ourselves.

Those giant birds are full of evil. Their eyes are terrifying.

As though one bucket of feed wasn't enough, Omar approaches the tram yet again as Andy stands surrounded by deer.

When we got there, I told Andy I would not leave until I had a picture of me, him, and a zebra. This is the closest I got.

That's me just chillin' with the mammals.

This little fellow just loves having his picture taken.

You'd think the animals loved Andy, but really they just like to eat his shirt.

Andy made me take this picture because it is a GT2 and it made him giddy. I tried to chase it so he could get a better picture but it was a little too quick for my little Dodge Neon rent-a-car.

That's the sun setting over the Oasis Resaturant, the Sunset Capital of Texas.

And that's me about 2 seconds after the last picture, I don't really remember why we decided to take a picture of just me too.

That's Andy and I at the Oasis. We're dorks and I had a new camera, so we made our waitress take a picture of us.

Andy wanted to kayak on Town Lake, so we did. Little did I know a kayak is actually more like a frying pan when a pale white girl is placed inside of it in the middle of a lake/river. Sadly, this is the position in which I spent most of the hour-long trip.

While crossing the Congress St. bridge (the bat bridge) after a super nice dinner at McCormick & Schmick's, Andy decided he loved that blue lighted building in the background so we tried to get a picture. The lighted building to the left is the funny looking building that McCormick & Schmick's is at the bottom of.

There's the McCormick & Schmick building again. Note the horrid sunburn. This was a post-kayaking picture.

That night we went to Mozart's, which is an adorable coffee place on Lake Austin.

Sunday afternoon we went to Ski Shores Waterfront cafe for lunch. The result: Andy is buying a boat and I am buying a wave-runner.

I think Andy looks very pensive in this pic at Hamilton pool.

A really nice security guard took our picture and figured out how to use my camera (he had a Canon too).

The security guard figured out how to turn the flash on manually, but personally I think it makes us look super-imposed. Andy's mustache doesn't exactly help the situation.

Again, better without the flash.

This is the point where I set my sunglasses down and then walked away. Fortunately Andy rocks so he stumbled across them before I had the chance to really freak out.

Andy melts everytime he sees this picture.

This is the CS gang at Allen's house for the 4th of July Big Beverage Potluck Bash. That's Kartik, Mike, Doug, Jon, me, Walter, Andy, and JP. Note, the beer in my hand is Doug's. I guess he gave it away so there wouldn't be photographic evidence of him drinking with a bunch of grad students :)

Me & Doug at Allen's place. Doug was Andy's favorite.

When you look at this picture and the last one in succession, it's really weird cause almost nothing changes except the hat moves from my head to Doug's.

Doug's brush with greatness.

Andy got up at 6am on Monday to run with me. He made it through about .25 miles before he started walking. This is what he looked like as soon as we got home :)

Monday night we finally went to Mount Bonnell, a hill with a really nice lookout over Austin near my place. We watched the sunset and ran around asking strangers to take pictures of us. This one was taken by a nice Indian couple.

Andy hates this picture but I love it. You can see downtown Austin to the right of his head, the UT tower to the left of his head, an awesome view of the sky at sunset, and he looks like he's about to say something interesting, too.

I should have brushed my hair before we took all these pictures. It was windy up there.

A nice Asian photographer man who was there taking photos took these for us. He made us switch sides because I was shorter so you could see the downtown.

The nice Asian man really liked taking pictures of us.

You're a supercool Asian rapper, Andy.

We were walking away and the Asian man asked if he could take one more picture of us, and who were we to deny him.

I love that sky. The towers in the background, according to Andy, look like aliens at night.

This one's my favorite from Mount Bonnell.

I finally brushed my hair before Andy took this picture...

Monday night we had our last dinner together at Eddie V's, an amazing seafood and steak place in downtown Austin that absolutely floored me with how amazing it was. I had the most amazing drink I have ever tasted in the form of a green apple martini. The waiter set it down and I thought man this restaurant smells good, and then I was like wait no, that's my drink. I had the 8oz filet mignon and Andy had the 16oz new york strip and we split a twice baked potato and every last bite was incredible. Then we split some really good coffee (I don't even like coffee, but this was still good), and asked our waiter, who was just about the coolest white-suited Texan man ever, to take our picture.

This is our little Dodge Neon rent-a-car right before I said goodbye to it with the roses Andy got me at the airport on its rear. Goodbye, little rent-a-car.

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