Welcome to my summer!

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A little bit about me:

In the fall I'm going to be a senior at Colby College . I'm a computer science major and math major but I'm more interested in cs stuff. Colby is a small liberal arts school in Maine. The computer science department is pretty small but lots of fun.

A little bit about my summer:

This summer I'm participating in the CRA-W Distributed Mentor Project at Boston University. It's a great program that I learned about from a professor at my school. If you're interested in research you should check it out because it's a great experience. To learn more about the program and my personal experiences with the program check out some of the links on the left. Also, if you have any questions feel free to email me at ksmann@colby.edu.

A little bit about my project:

The project I will be working on for the summer deals with medical imaging. Most of my time will be spent working with CT scans of lungs. I will be helping out with existing research on segmentation of lungs and nodules in the lungs as well as segmentation of nodules in the lungs. Ideally this research would be something that radiologists would find useful. An interface has been developed and I will be working on as well. There are a few problems with the current interface that I will hopefully be fixing, and I will also try to add some new features. Also, toward the end of my ten weeks I will be working with a database of lung CT scans to try and implement a similarity search. This type of search could be helpful to radiologists in diagnosing patients because they would be able to search for similar scans that have already been diagnosed and compare them. On the left there is a link to my journal which should keep you updated as to how I'm doing.

Intro Journal CRA DMP My Mentor People Pictures Final Report My Home Page