. Kris Hauman

Amherst, Massachusetts


Amherst is a pretty, nice-sized town that's great for riding bicycles. I was fortunate to find an apartment to sublet that's within walking distance of

  • downtown Amherst
  • UMASS campus
  • 33-mile Robert Frost Trail
  • 117-mile Metacomet-Monadnock Trail
  • 10-mile Norwottuck Rail Trail

The Rails-to-Trails bike path is awesome. It's like a bicycle interstate, complete with on/off ramps, intersection signs, tunnels, and a yellow line down the middle of the pavement. It goes from Amherst to the larger town of Northampton, where it crosses the Connecticut River on the old train trestle that's now a wooden path.

At all hours of the day, people of all ages can be found bike-riding, rollarblading, jogging, and rolling on what looks like cross-country skis. Bruce (my husband) and I have spent many great days walking or biking on the Rail Trail.

Other highlights of Amherst include:

  • Saturday morning Farmer's Market in Amherst Center
  • A newspaper directory of local organic farms, with their selling hours and directions to them
  • State Parks nearby with miles of hiking trails
  • Lots of good used bookstores downtown and a nice public library
  • Friendly people
  • A variety of excellent public radio stations
  • Enlightening lectures, meetings, and video showings of crucial global events
  • Lots of sidewalks, nice parks, and attractive buildings