WEEK EIGHT: Aug 12 - Aug 16


Not that much going on today. Kristin is finally back so she can help me solve my annoying problem, it took me forever just to explain it. I've done so many things to try to solve the problem this week, it was hard to remember what I've tried and what I havn't. It's good to see that she struggled with it as well, makes me feel less like a dummy :).

Savannah tournament was so much fun. You can read about it on my rugby page.


More school research. I'm slowly narrowing the list of places I'd like to apply to, perhaps by the end of the week I'll have a real list! KK is currently looking at my code we're still looking for a solution. The unfortunate part about designing this interface, is that for many of the problems there are very few elegant solutions. Kinda makes me sad.



Today I worked on my Final Project. I'm getting near the end of things. I'm goin to be gone from Thurday this week until Monday next. I'm headed off to Chicago. During my stay at Georgia Tech, my interest in Learning Sciences has skyrocketed. Northwestern University has great program in LS as well as Connected Learning Theory, both which intrest me. Since I'm so close, I decided it would be advantagous if I went to visit. I also am going to try to visit University of Chicago as well, as I am interested in their Computational and Applied Mathematics research.



On a jet plane, a very very small one, with cramped seats and smaller overhead bins! And very big people sitting next to me.



...Running about Northwestern campus...literally. Its a beautiful campus to job around, pretty paths along the lake and park like areas. I never found the CS department however. I forgot to take the telephone number with me and I didn't have internet access. But I toured the campus on my own. It's quite lovely and Chicago, well to be honest, Evanston, wouldn't be a horrible place to end up, it's really really flat there though, no mountains, no hills even!

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