The Atlanta Heat
Women's Rugby Club

The first thing I did upon coming to Atlanta, after moving in to my new apartment, was to find out where the local rugby team practiced and how to join the team. Obviously the important things are taken care of first.

Lucky for me the team was still playing over the summer and there were enough friendly people to give me rides to and from practice. So far I have done more socializing than practicing with the women, but on a rugby team, that is expected.

Our schedule during the summer is pretty bare, but practices are twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesday. We have a tournament on July 13th, then two or three more tournaments in July and August. I know one trip should take us down to Panama City, Florida (on the gulf). Im very excited about getting the chance to travel a bit while Im here so hopefully well go to all the tourneys planned.For more information on the Heat, please visit their web page.


Savannah Tournament