Savannah 7's Tournament : Aug 10th - 11th

In attendence:

  • Stephanie
  • Little D
  • Becca
  • Robin
  • Laura
  • Amy
  • Erin
  • Myself

Savannah, Georgia is about 230 miles East of Atlanta, on the Atlantic Coast. We had to be there at 9:00 am so our day on Saturday started at 5:00 am! Even though we left a lot later than we were supposed to, thanks to some lead foots envoloved, we made it to the pitch by 9:00, only to find out that we had 2 hours before we were to play.

Game 1: Central Flordia University 10- 25 (CFU)
Flordia gave us a tough game. We received a mighty good ass kicking during the first half; the first five minutes found Robin out of the match with a sprained knee. We got our stuff together, and during the second half we had two tries against them, and they didn't come close to our try line! The two tries were made by yours truly.

Game 2: Cherry Point/Nashville 35 - 0 (Heat)
We were on fire this game! Granted the team we were playing didn't have the experience we did and they were a mixed-whore team, we still played very well. People were covering their man, we stayed in our positions quite well. Our passing was good, even though our knock-ons in tackles were embarassing! The seven tries were scored by myself, Stephanie, Becca and Little D. What fun.

Game 3: Augusta 15 - 5 (Augusta)
I'm having a hard time remembering the score to this one, I'm not sure that's right. We played a hard game. We played as well as our last game, but this team had us beat in talent and weight. Our scrum looked like dwarfs in comparason. This game was a bit dirtier than the last two. Augusta was holding the ball on the ground, committing numerous high-tackles and stiff-arming like no bodies business. Luckily they didn't really know how to do it and most of their supurfilous arms in our faces were met with great resisitence and they normally went down. Ha ha!

I wish we'd had a chance to play Flordia again, because I think we could've beaten them as we only improved as the day went on.

Drink Up:
The drink up was held at a local pub in Savannah, mostly men there, and it wasn't much fun. Myself and Little D were the Designated Drivers, and Robin was in a lot of pain because of her knee. But everyone else got quite drunk, and even tried to start a fight with a group of rugby boys. Eventually our women decided it was easier to drink with them than fight, so all's well that ends well.

The Beach (can't go to the coast without going to the beach):
Since we were so close, we got up the next morning on Sunday and drove over to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Hilton Head is supposed to be the ultimate resort town in the South East, if you're not in Flordia. However, I found it less than stellar. The beach itself was fine, warm sand, warmer sun, and the water was quite warm. We went swimming and sun bathing for most of the day, and I, being of blindingly-light complextion turned the color of a lobster. No worries though, I had enough fun to make the burn well worth it.

All in all, a wonderful weekend.

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