My Project

I am working with PhD candidate, Kristin Kaster Lamberty on her
Digital Quilt Design Project (DigiQuilt).

DigiQuilt is an interactive software program designed to teach elementary level students math through the use of art, and art through math. More specifically the program models the construction of a quilt using proportionally sized shapes (squares, triangles, and rectangles) that the learner uses to solve various fraction challenges. For example the learner is asked to construct a quilt consisting of ¼ green patches, ¼ blue patches, and ½ red patches. The learner can then use DigiQuilt to accomplish the task and in the process, learn about the way shapes fit together and the relation of fractions. At the same time the learner can also exercise his or her artistic abilities while designing the quilt.

For a screen shot of DigiQuilt (as an interface in progress)
click here: DigiQuilt English Version. And for fun, here's the Spanish Version I translated.

I have also been doing a lot of reading during my mentorship, for links to the papers and articles I've read, please see my readings page.