My Summer Reading List

Following is a list of the papers I've read this summer in the order in which I read them. You will need MS Word and Adobe Acrobat to view some of the papers.
Epistemological Pluralism and the Revaluation of the Concrete
By Sherry Turkle and Seymour Papert 

Ghost in the Machine: Seymour Papert on How Computers Fundamentally Change the Way Kids Learn
Interview of Seymour Papert by Dan Schwartz

CoOL Studio: Using Simple Tools to Expand the Discursive Space of the Design Studio
Craig Zimring, Sabir Khan, David Craig, Saif-ul-Haq

Supporting Collaborative Design Groups as Design Communities
David Latch Craig and Craig Zimring

The Day After Net Day: Approaches to Educational Use of the Internet
Amy Bruckman

The Turing Game: Exploring Identity in an Online Environment
Joshua Berman and Amy S. Bruckman

Does Easy Do It? Children, Games, and Learning 
Seymour Papert. 

Teacher and Student Authoring on the Web for Shifting Agency
Mark Guzdial 

HCI for Kids
Amy Bruckman, Alisa Bandlow

Learning by Design from Theory to Practice
Janet L. Kolodner, David Crismond, Jackie Gray, Jennifer Holbrook, Sadhana Puntambekar

Intra-group and Intergroup: An Exploration of Learning with Complementary Collaboration Tools
Sadhana Puntambekar, Kris Nagel, Roland Hübscher, Mark Guzdial 
and Janet L. Kolodner

The Design Discussion Area: A Collaborative Learning Tool in Support of Learning from Problem-Solving and Design Activities
Janet L. Kolodner and Kristine Nagel

Foundations of Science: A Three Year Integrated High School Science Curriculum 
Madeline Huebel-Drake, Mike Mouradian, & Elizabeth Stern 

Supporting Learners in a Remote CSCL Environment: The Importance of Task and Communication
David Graves, Maria Klawe

Inquiry based science supported by technology: Achievement among urban middle school students
Joseph Krajcik, Ron Marx, Phyllis Blumenfeld, Elliot Soloway, Barry Fishman

The Design of Guided Learner-Adaptable Scaffolding in Interactive Learning Environments
Shari L. Jackson, Joseph Krajcik, Elliot Soloway

Look Who's Talking
Howard Rheingold

Why can't we use technology to solve social problems?
Harold Rheingold

Pianos Not Stereos: Creating Computational Construction Kits
Mitchel Resnick, Amy Bruckman, Fred Martin 

Will Media Influence Learning? Reframing the Debate
Robert B. Kozma

OK, Schools Are Wired. Now What?
Lisa Guernsey