A little about me



Im originally from Iraq. I was actually born and raised there. After the Gulf War life wasnt easy anymore and my family decided that it was time to move. We first went to Jordan and stayed there for about a year and a half and then we made the big trip to the US.


Currently I am living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Why did I go there? Well my grandma is actually from Salt Lake and we had some relatives living there.



Here are a few pictures of my country

* Baghdad City


What Im doing now


Im a student at the University of Utah and Ill be starting my junior year in the Fall 2002.

Im majoring in computer science but Id like to focus on graphics and animation.


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Personal Interests


My biggest interest would probably be art, art in all its forms. I enjoy going to the theatre and visiting art galleries and art shows. Im not a big fan of modern art, I cant seem to comprehend it and it doesnt spark any interest within me.


Also, I love horses! I'm not sure what it is but since I was little I had always wanted a horse and I would try to convince my parents to buy me one but alas my efforts were wasted. However a few months ago I discovered that one of the houses in the neighborhood a few streets down had a horse in the backyard. I couldnt understand why anyone would own a horse in the city but these people do and Im not complaining.

Sportshmm well they never were really big with me, lets just say that I enjoy watching sports rather then doing them. Exceptions would be swimming, ice-skating and badminton. Many people though dont consider badminton and ice-skating a sport and I have to agree to some degree, to me theyre more of a hobby and an activity.



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Contact Information

e-mail: hba1@u.cc.utah.edu