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What I did

Week One
      This first week has been quite an experience.  I've been
      welcomed into the world of computer science research.  It's
      great!  First, I became acquainted with the system I'm working
      on and attempted to figure out how to change the desktop.  My
      desktop still looks pretty much the same.  I learned how to make
      aliases for commands though.   

      I then was introduced to the world of HTML.  This is it.  This
      webpage reflects what I've learned about HTML.

      Escher Spheres!  Wow!  I began my research.  
Week Two
      This week I worked on putting a Celtic Knot on an 
      Escher Sphere.  Just when I thought I had it, I 
      crashed the program.  That means I'll probably be 
      working on it next week as well.  I also created 
      an animation.  It was a lot of fun!  The stop option 
      on the animation may or may not work properly.  If 
      you're using Netscape, it should work.  The go button 
      only works after you push stop.

Stop! Go!
Week Three

I finally got my program not to crash with the Celtic knot. It needs a lot of work though. I also learned how to get a picture of my Escherspheres so I could put them on my web page. I presented to a group the research paper by Jane Yen and Carlo Séquin on Escherspheres.

Week Four
      This week I was handed a new paper to present.  It's actually
      quite interesting, but I'll have to read it a few more times
      before I start understanding much of what it says.  The paper is
      on silhouette clipping.  I also created an echershere with two
      shapes instead of one, but the shapes are connected at a point.
      Being able to do this has removed restrictions that I thought I

Week Five
      I started on a project to code up methods of silhouette
      clipping.  There are basically five software methods of
      silhouette clipping that I'm aware of.  My project includes
      attempting to code up four of the five methods and compare.  I
      am to keep track of the time it took me to code each one of them
      up and write a paper to compare the methods.  So far I've coded
      one of them up, but haven't tested it.  I also presented my
      paper on Silhouette Clipping.  It wasn't that much of a
      presentation though because I hadn't been working on a
      presentation for the paper.  I had mostly been working on my

Week Six
      This week I read another paper on silhouettes.  The method is
      understandable, but some specifics I needed to code it up weren't
      really there.  I'm just for a reply from the author of the paper
      so I understand better what his method is so I can code it up.
      We have the first method almost all put together and working.

Week Seven

      The Buchanan Sousa Method for finding silhouette edges finally
      works.  I do have to admit that we haven't tested it on large
      models, but for now it works.  I also looked into some of the
      other methods this week and am trying to get them figured out.
      On Thursday, I got pictures taken from a digital camera.

Week Eight

      I finally figured out one of the three methods I have yet to
      code up.  I started the coding on it.  All I have left to do on
      it now is to finish coding and then make it work.  Also, my
      mentor is going to try to help me understand one of the
      methods.  My goal now is to get this project done by New Years.

Week Nine

      This week I finished the coding and debugging on the Gooch-Sloan
      method for silhouette extraction.  Here's what the code does:

      It reads in an object of type .obj and draws the silhouette
      edges. The original model is drawn in yellow.  The silhouette is
      drawn in purple.

      The debbuging for the Gooch-Sloan method for silhouette
      extraction took me a lot less time than the debugging for the
      Buchanan-Sousa method did.

Week Ten

      I presented the paper "Illustrating Smooth Surfaces" by Aaron
      Hertzmann and Denis Zorin.  I spent the whole week preparing for
      it.  I still have a couple of silhouette methods left to code
      up, but I'll do that Fall Semester.

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