Over the course of the summer, along with my research specific work, I also read papers about different topics in computer graphics in general. I had to read and understand each paper and then give a presentation of it. The papers listed below are the ones that I gave presentations on. Other papers that I have read are not listed here unless they significantly contributed to my understanding of the presented paper. The links given below will take you to an information page about each paper. Most of these pages have a link to the paper so you can download and read it yourself. The file size listed for each paper is the size of the PDF version of that paper as listed in the ACM Digital Liagary. If the page does not contain a link, or if the page disappears, all of these papers can be found in the ACM Digital Library under the SIGGRAPH year listed. Note: You can only access papers in the ACM Digital Library if you or your school have a subscription.

Computer Modelling of Fallen Snow. Paul Fearing. SIGGRAPH 2000. (3631 KB)

Out-of-Core Simplification of Large Polygonal Models. Peter Lindstrom. SIGGRAPH 2000. (570 KB)

To understand this paper, it may be helpful to read:
Surface Simplification Using Quadric Error Metrics. Michael Garland and Paul S. Heckbert. SIGGRAPH 1997. (741 KB)

Real-Time Hatching. Emil Praun, Hugues Hoppe, Matthew Webb, and Adam Finkelstein. SIGGRAPH 2001. (5893 KB)