My Mentor

My mentor is Dr. Jennifer Mankoff. She is the Richard E. Ladner Professor in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. She works to "tackle the technical challenges necessary for everyday individuals and communities to solve real-world problems in domains such as accessibility, health, and sustainability" through her research lab, Make4All, a human-computer interaction lab. Dr. Mankoff focuses on computational approaches to fabrication and data analytics.

You can check out her research here and her portfolio here.

My Research

Adversity comes in many forms, but the accumulation of these adversities and relationship among them have significant effects on mental health. This project focuses on examining the impact of these stressors in a sample of college students leveraging actively-reported data from surveys and passively-sensed data from phones and wearables collected in two phases of a study over two years. The goal is to find the correlations within and between several stressors using statistical data analysis and visualization in order to create a model for the relationship between adversity and mental health in college students. Initial results show that there are significant factors that contribute to mental health in college students, but there is more to be explored.

My Final Report