This is a blog about my experience suring a summer internship with DREU. You can look at their website here: DREU: Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates.

About My Faculty Mentor:
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nancy M. Amato Unocal Professor
Parasol Laboratory, Algorithms and Applications Group,
Texas A&M Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering.
Research Interests: Motion planning, computational biology, robotics, computational geometry, animation, Parallel and distributed computing, parallel algorithms, performance modeling and optimization.

You can view Dr. Amato's ongoing research projects here.

About My Graduate Student Mentor:
Mukulika Ghosh
Graduate Student Mentor : Mukulika Ghosh, Masters Student Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering.
Research Interests: Computational Geometry

About Me:
Major : Computer Science
Year : Sophomore
School:Collin College
Before computer science I studied 3D animation, hey look a picture! I used to do texturing, animating, modelling, lighting, and the like. I made this particular character from scratch in a class once. His legs have some extra joints so it was kind of an interesting project rigging him to walk.

character model from back in the day

I don't really have many hobbies, in my spare time I mostly surf the internet, I suppose one of my hobbies is using Google Calendar . I really like to spend time making lists and plans for the future, and I think Google Calendar is great free software for that. It syncs with all my devices, it can send me emails, and text message reminders right before an event, I can attach google documents to it, such as a shopping list, or some pdf, it's great.