CSE DREU: Summer 2012


Cyberbullying Detection in Kidgab

Kidgab is a school-based social network for students under thirteen years old. By using Kidgab, students will learn how to use the Internet in a socially responsible and safe way. The social network will also encourage interactions between students, teachers, and parents. One main research question related to Kidgab is if the network can effectively decrease cyberbullying and teach kids to be better digital citizens. Therefore, Kidgab needs to be able to identify online bullying through both manual and automatic detection. This summer, I will begin the implementation of this cyberbullying recognition.


Because technology is extremely pervasive today, children are introduced to the digital world early in their lives. Child want (and are) creating their own profiles on social networking sites even though they are not of age and do not necessarily understand how to use social networking or the Internet responsibly. With problems like cyberbullying, the release of private information, and other inappropriate behaviors online, it is important that we teach the next generations how to use the Internet appropriately.