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Emily Yu

Williams College Class of 2011
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After deciding on joining the Camera Mouse team, Professor Betke and I talked about what my roll would be on the team. Due to my lack of experience in the field and late start on the team, we decided that I would work mostly on designing tests to analyze the movement ability of disabled people in order to improve Camera Mouse and its related software.

In order to do this, I needed to familiarize myself with Camera Mouse and the other related software. At this point I ran into another setback when I found that I could not download Camera Mouse or any of the other software because all the computers in the research lab ran on Windows Server 2003 and all the software required Windows XP or Vista. This meant that I was stalled yet again as I had to wait for a computer that used XP.

In the time that I was waiting, I read some more articles about User Interfaces for disabled people. After getting a computer with XP, I was finally completely set up. From there I learned how to use Camera Mouse and an image-editing program designed to be used in conjunction with Camera Mouse called Camera Canvas.

In order to properly analyze the movement ability of the users of Camera Mouse, I needed to be able to track the mouse movement. To do this, I added a few lines of code to the Camera Mouse code that would print out the mouse coordinates for each mouse click and all the video frames in the debugger.

I then used Microsoft Excel to plot the coordinates of the mouse in each frame as well as the coordinates of each mouse click. This way I could look at the shortest path from one mouse click to the next and compare it to the actual path it took.