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Emily Yu

Williams College Class of 2011
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My first week here in my DMP Mentoring program at Boston University was one that was marked with frustration and stress. When I arrived, I found that I was unable to get a BU ID to get swipe access to the research lab I was supposed to work in. This also meant that I could not readily get an account on the computers in the lab. In fact, it took all week to get everything set up. I was given a key (a metal one) to the lab, and eventually got a guest account to the computers. Once I got this account, I found that I did not have the proper privileges to connect to the research servers.

Due to these setbacks, I spent the entire week reading articles on the various projects that the different teams at BU were working on. I got myself acclimated to the background of Computer Vision, learned a little bit about Bat Tracking, and read about the ways that the Camera Mouse was designed and evaluated. At the end of the week I decided to join the Camera Mouse team.