About Me



Week One


The weather is wonderful here and I have really been enjoying my stay so far. I have been given my first assignment and will begin by researching security issues regarding online privacy. I will be reading several research papers regarding social network sites like MySpace and Facebook. I've also read some chapters on administrating successful research studies, interviews, and trials.

The campus is very beautiful and the people are very welcoming.


Week Two


I was able to test the settings on the prototype this week. I found that the privacy settings on this interface were very visual and easy to use. However there is much more coding to be done. We are coding in java and adding more GUI components to the prototype. The goal for this week is to learn java and become as familiar with the code as possible. Once that is accomplished, I can begin adding components to the prototype to improve the interface.


Week Three


Facebook is constantly changing and so are the privacy settings. I did a report comparing the privacy settings of our prototype to Facebook’s interface. There are small differences between our prototype and the privacy settings that are currently available on Facebook. Using these findings, my team was able to chart additional tasks that we need to accomplish in order to make our prototype better. I also made progress with the programming and coded additional functionality to the structure. I created avenues in structure of the program that would allow for specific future privacy settings for a user's friends (ex. Best Friends, Friends of Friends etc.). However the coding and programming process is a team effort. So everyone is coding separately in hopes that we will be able to combine our contributions and make an overall improvement to the prototype.







My Mentor






Final Paper