Final Report
Click Jordan-Saving Princess Sera.pdf to read my Final Report.

Quest Ideas
If you want to learn about our quest ideas click here.

Summer Study Proposal
Click here to read about our summer study proposal. You will see two different group's game ideas, Catacombs & Village. Village changes it's name to Saving Princess Sera.

Research Assignments
These assignments are in no way final, nor are they truely 'assigned.' They are simply loose boundries that we shall adhere our individual research areas to. Click
here to read about our assignments.

Game Maker
Game Maker is an easy game engin that you can use to learn how creat "simple" games. You can use it to create games such as 1945, maze, and PAC MAN!!!
You can also download the program here.

RPG Maker
This is the engine that we (Paige, Evie, and I) used to create Saving Princess Sera. You can try to make a role playing game by using this program. You should check it out. You can download the program here.

Unreal Tournament 2004
Viewing the Room: Press Tab + Type "Killall bot" + Press Enter. This is a small tutorial I did by using Unreal Editor. It's not fancy, but you are more than welcome to take a look at it.
Here is my file: myLand.ut2