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My name is Trisha Leconte. Ever since childhood I have always exhibited talents for computers and art. Although I've been bit timid and introverted, I have spoke loudly on my interest not only in drawing and painting, but also on building necessities with items purchased from the local hardware store. At an early age, I learned how to use various electric tools and hand tools that I used in the construction of a few home projects. At the age of 12, I became fascinated by the computer and the way I could manipulate its interface to draw, write and play many types of games. A few years later, my interest in computers had risen to a level where I wanted to further explore its architecture and what made it worked. In my late teens, I decided to attend Santa Clara University where I am majoring in Computer Engineering. I am entering my senior year at Santa Clara University and plan to graduate in June of 2007.

Contact me @ tleconte@scu.edu

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