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My Mentor


Name: Dr. Monica Brockmeyer
School: Wayne State University
Location: Detroit, MI
Department: Computer Science
Areas of Research: High Assurance Systems, Distributed Systems, Real-Time Systems, Safety-Critical Systems, Formal Methods and Verification, Testing
Email: mab at cs dot wayne dot edu
Webpage: http://www.cs.wayne.edu/~mab/


I was so excited when I received an email informing me that I had been selected to participate in the Distributed Mentor Project! I could barely sleep that night; I stayed up researching Detroit and WSU. I was lucky to have Monica as my mentor. I emailed her at least three times a week before I even arrived in Detroit. She helped me find housing at a reasonable rate and get settled into the Detroit area. During the mentorship, I was in her office asking questions often throughout the week. Thanks, Monica, for putting up with all of my emails and endless barrage of questions!