My mentor is Nancy Amato, a professor at Texas A&M University; thus the reason I ended up in hot Texas climate. Nancy's research interests include motion planning, computational geometry, and high-performance computing. She is a co-director of the Parasol lab, a great environment for both systems and applications developers, where I spent most of my summer. Nancy is very active in the research field and is always on the go with conferences, symposiums and summits.

I knew all of the above about Nancy before I even came to Texas, but it wasn't until I got here that I realized how much impact Nancy has on people. As soon as she walks in, the lab gets an energy boost. Everybody has things to report, ask, suggest... She has great advice for everybody and truly cares about her students. I am glad to have the honor to be Nancy's mentoree this summer.

I am also working closely with Ping An, one of Nancy's graduate students, and Gabriel Tanase, Lawrence Rauchwerger's graduate sudent. Ann and Gabi are a part of the STAPL group and are both great mentors!

Other people at the lab helped me out quite a bit too. Overall Parasol lab is a very nice place to work; the students are nice and very supportive of each other. On the day all the DMP students had presentations, all the students from the lab came to support us.
Ann, Nancy, me and Gabi
Ann and I at the Parasol lab
Parasol lab people after presentation

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