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CRA-W Distributed Mentor Program
Summer 2003
Christine Tan | Professor Sonia Fahmy at Purdue University

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Monday, July 14
Prof. Mike Attalah's group meeting to 'brainstorm', together with Sonia and Prof. Dongyuan Xu.

Just a little more to go for the trace sanitizer tool.

Tuesday, July 15
Talked to Roman about what I'm doing. He tells me who to talk to to get a root account on one of the Linux machines.

A lot of typing today, the sanitizer tool should be about done by tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 16
Discussion at 2:30 at Sonia's reading group on a Mobicom submission, "Geographic Routing without Location Information".

Finished sanitizer, at least for tcp, udp, and ip headers. I'm not sure if I need to bother about non-IP headers. I want to finish this part soon since it is very straightforward, just a little tedious since the formatting has to be just so. I want to do something creative with this project, but I don't see where that would fit in so far. I've never come up with anything new before, but that's the whole point of research. I have to find it somehow.

Thursday, July 17
11:30am Prof. Carla Brodley's security group: talk on covert channels by 2 of the grad students.

3pm I meet with Sonia and show her the packet sanitizer script that I wrote. I found a tool that seems to do something similar, called Tcpurify which was written by a student at Ohio University, Ethan Blanton, who happens to be at Purdue now. Also, the paper "A High-level Programming Environment for Packet Trace Anonymization and Transformation", which will be presented at SIGCOMM 2003 in August is now on the web. This is also similar to what we want to do. Sonia gave me a paper on using mixnets to foil traffic analysis. So far we have been looking at sanitization on a packet by packet basis, but we can do more than that by looking at sequences of packets, and modifying them such that traffic analysis no longer works, while still preserving characteristics of traffic on the network.

Friday, July 18
A typical quiet day in the lab.

Saturday, July 19
My Dad comes to see me here, arriving at night. He has a conference in Canada and he's making a little detour. The GPS locator in his rental car almost gets him lost. We go to a Texan steak house for dinner, and the portions are huge. He's brought the USB TV receiver thing to watch tv on your computer but it only works for at most 1 minute 30 seconds before crashing my computer.

Sunday, July 20
This is what we always do when my Dad comes visit me. We shop. He also helps me buy lots of groceries.