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CRA-W Distributed Mentor Program
Summer 2003
Christine Tan | Professor Sonia Fahmy at Purdue University

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WEEK 3: Collecting more information/
        Fourth of July
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Monday, June 30
I attend Carla's security reading group, where they critique the paper on the Bluebox intrusion detection system (IDS), which is torn apart pretty quickly. I don't find an opportunity to say anything, because I don't know a lot about intrusion detection systems. I have a better idea of what to focus on when reading next time.

Officially finished searching web for papers related to packet sanitization. There's only 2 main ones, in other papers there they make use of traces, they mention in passing that they used anonymization, and don't mention what kind of anonymization they used.

Tuesday, July 1
The librarian at the Math Sciences libary on campus gives me a hard time about getting access the copy of "Counter Hack", which Carla had recommended. All I want is to just read it inside the library. Apparently expensive computer books have a tendency to disappear.

Wednesday, July 2
Bought "Hackers Beware", a network security book, from Borders. I like it, but the typos in the examples the author gives are annoying.

Thursday, July 3
I attend a talk by Jacky, one of Carla's grad students, on OSPF attacks, where routers are compromised. Everybody asks at least one question. It seems that the purpose of such talks is to help the students improve their presentation skills, as well as their abiliby to ask questions.

Borrowed a dvd from the West Lafayette public library, "All the President's Men", which reminds me of my time working at the Daily Bruin.

Friday, July 4
Yay, it's a holiday. Wake up late, then go to the Fourth of July celebration at the Riehle Center, an outdoor pavilion next to the bridge over the Wabash River that separates West Lafayette from Lafayette. The fireworks are impressive, I've never seen fireworks from that close before. The best ones were the really big ones that take up half the sky, and almost seem like the sparks are going to fall on top of you, but of course they're too far away so they don't. I have a lemon shake-up, a hot dog, and an elephant's ear, which is a deep-fried donut-like pastry covered with sugar. It is really big. I don't see anyone I know there, but I don't really know a lot of people and there are so many people. It rains before the event and right after the fireworks show is over, as if on cue.

Saturday, July 5
The river is brown and has lots of debris in it, from the rain last night.

Went to Super Target, which also has a supermarket section. Bought food.

Thunderstorms keeping me up at night.

Sunday, July 6
It is just too hot to go outside. I seek refuge in my air-conditioned room.