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CRA-W Distributed Mentor Program
Summer 2003
Christine Tan | Professor Sonia Fahmy at Purdue University

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WEEK 2: Lots of Reading
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Monday, June 23
I go to lunch with Sonia and one of the faculty members who will be leaving Purdue for UCLA in the fall.

I turn 23. How did I get to be so old?

Thursday, June 26
Sonia and I meet with Prof. Carla Brodley to discuss the packet sanitization issues of using traces from the Internet, since one of the difficulties in getting permission to use traces is the issue of privacy of users on the network. So my next task is to look at the fields in packet headers and see how much private information can be deduced from knowing the contents of each of the fields. Then we'll know how much we need to anonymize. Carla invites me to go to her security reading group on Mondays and Thursdays. It should be fun.

Borrowed "Lullaby", by Chuck Palahniuk and "Timeline", by Michael Crichton at the public library.

Saturday, June 28
Went to Super Target and the Tippecanoe shopping mall. I think two-thirds of the shops in the mall are the same as in the malls in Los Angeles. It's kind of scary how everything is so much the same no matter where you are.