About my Mentor

My current mentor is Dr. Chris Crawford.  He is a professor and a Research Assistant at the University of Alabama.  He works in the Computer Science Department and is making strides to improve and contribute to the Computer Science community worldwide. His area of research is researching how to control robots/drones with Philological Ways and how to teach these different ways to grades K-12. 

Link to website: https://eng.ua.edu/people/crawford/

About Me

I am apart of the computer science department who attends Morgan State University. I am currently a computer science major, a junior for the 2019-2020 academic school year, and plan to graduate in May 2021. The main programming languages that I program in is Python and C++. At the DREU summer research internship, I am currently learning the languages JavaScript and HTML that relate to the Frameworks of Electron and React. I have learned many things throughout this experience, it is very necessary to step out of your comfort zone to be able to grow and network. In the field of computer science, it is very imperative to know your information but that will only get you so far. The other 50% is that you must network and get to know other prestigious people in your field. They are key to being successful in your field in the computer science field. 

Contact me:
Email: becli1@morgan.edu