Hello, my name is Joan. I'm an incoming senior undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I'm majoring in computer science with a minor in linguistics. The summer of 2018, I was supported by the Computing Research Association to explore research through their DREU program. This website features the work I've done during my experience. I'm really excited to spend my last summer doing research before I graduate in spring 2019!

I'm currently being mentored by Dr. Maria Gini (Department of Computer Science & Engineering) and Dr. Serguei Pakhomov (Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems) at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

This summer I'm researching various applications of spoken dialogue systems (SDS). In one project, I research how to use SDS for delivering drug product information. In another, I research applications of SDS and effective agents to help elderly patients with mild cognative impairment. I've also been helping out with local tech camps for young students of all ages. (Talk about an eventful summer!)

Final report