Hey there, my name is Julien Jean-Pierre, a rising Sophomore out of University of Minnesota's Computer Science Program. This is a small website that I built to document my summer experience through DREU at the University of Michigan.

This is the Michigan Arch

About Me

A picutre of me.

So, I am Julien Jean-Pierre (, I am from Minnesota, and from a very young age I developed an interest in computers. I began my studies at the University of Minnesota just last year in 2016 and I was very excited about pursuing a degree in computer science.

Initially, I was interest in making little games, however as things began to progress, my interest in Computer Science shifted towards more organic areas. What I mean by this is, I wanted to apply computer science to the human mind, neuroscience specifically. It was in pursuit of these two topics that I became engrossed with the field of Machine Learning.

Maria Gini

I approached one of my mentors, Maria Gini, to see if there were any opportunities related to my area of interest over the summer. She was able to connect me with Dr. Jenkins, a research professor out of University of Michigan studying robotics.

Chad Jenkins

Up to this point working with Dr. Jenkins has been a pleasure, and he has helped me stretch me interest in Machine learning and see it's application in robotics.

I have been pleasantly surprised at many other different topics that I never knew about but find a great interesting in. I will document what I have experience what I have learned on this website. Also a side note, I built this site with assistance from an templates, I taught myself all the HTML, CSS, and Javascript during the summer.