Summer 2016
Hello world! And bienvenidos to my homepage. Alright world, this website is about my summer research experience, and all mis aventuras! Shout out to Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates (DREU) for providing this wonderful opportunity. If you want more information about the DREU please clickhere. So if you are ready for all the spanglish, and well my personality (warning: should only be taken in doses) then read below.
Finding first adult experience. And well world, it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. First I looked at University Housing, and the prices were a bit too much. Then I looked at apartments and the prices se miraban much nicer. I called all the apartments in this area and left my name y my digits. When they contacted me, I asked three essential questions: ORALE is all I thought. Factoring how much wifi, furniture, and the fact that I did not know anyone at ASU who would want an apartment after I left; I decided to look back at university housing. It was pricier because it already came with wifi, furniture, and a pool! Also their lease accommodated the days I would be here. I made a phone call, they sent me documents, I carefully read them (you know the fine print), and signed it. And world I am not homeless for the summer! Hooray, go me, okay moving on.
My Arrival
My bags were packed, and I was ready to go to Phoenix/Tempe Arizona! I have never been in this region before, y pues I was super excited. Apparently mi madre mia, la mas linda persona de este mundo, had family in the area. And the first thing they told my mom was, Ooo she is coming right on the weekend when there is a heat wave. Then I remembered that Phoenix/Tempe is in the Sonoran desert. all I thought.

I arrived at the airport, and checked my phone 120 degrees. I am an optimist, and was like, it cannot be that bad. I step outside because my aunt and uncle are waiting, and heat, heat, heat coming from everywhere. It was coming from the pavement, the sun, the cars, and the breeze felt like someone was holding a hot blow dryer to my face. Pero aside from that, my flight, move in, and my family was all good.

First Day
Pues you know, first day of anything is always a bit scary. Come to my surprise, I have two roommates quienes son pipiris nice, and adventurous. The first day I met up with another undergrad who is also working in my lab, and walks me over to show me where I will be working this summer. When we arrive, I have the pleasure of meeting Dr. Walker. There she walks me through what I will be doing this summer. And with that world my summer research begins!
Phoenix Zoo
My roommates and I ventured off to the zoo. We went so early, that most of the animals were asleep. I saw a Lion, and it was under a tree for shade and was in a deep slumber. The cutest animal was the Asian Elephant. It rolling around the water and mud. It was honestly just a huge child trying to cool itself in the heat. A very nice experience, y pues you know really cute too!
South Mountain Park
It was the crack of dawn and my roommate and I are going hiking. Now, I like going hiking. It is super chido! The uber picks us up and takes us to the the park. I always have phases when I go hiking. Primero, I am super pumped, and I little bit more up I start getting tired. There is always a point in the hike I am .2 or .3 miles from the outlook. I cannot turn back now; I am already this far up; I have no other choice but to put one foot in front of the other. I am completely drained, but I keep going. When I finally get to the outlook and realize how close it was, I am always super happy I just kept going. I hiked 8 miles that day, and I fell asleep como un baby.
Ohh my goodness. Sedona was gorgeous ! It really is stuff you see en calendarios or on your laptops log in page. My roommates and I rented a car and to our surprise had no AC, but it did not matter because Sedona had wonderful weather. We just rolled down the windows and had a blast!
The GRAND Canyon
Wow! The Grand Canyon, and grand is an understatement. Y pues me la pase super bien. I hiked 6 miles, and the funny thing about the Grand Canyon is you have to hike down and then up. Going down was super easy, but coming back up es otra historia. The only other way to get back up is getting evacuated out. And I refuse to let that happen. So with plenty breaks in between, I managed to make it back up to the top.