Howdy! My Name is Bryan Rodriguez I am a rising senior at Thelma R Salinas STEM ECHS. I also take dual enrollment classes in my high school, and i will be receiving an Associates degree in Computer Science I plan on graduating in 2017. My email is Link to my website.


I will be working along side Dr. Nancy Amato, Read Sandstrom and Saurabh Mishra. Dr. Nancy Amato is Unocal Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University where she co-directs the Parasol Lab. Read and Saurabh are currently in the Computer Science department at Texas A&M University. Read and Saurabh area of research is about Physical Robots.

Link to Read Sandstrom website

Link to Saurabh Mishra website.


Our research project consist of modeling the first stage of a construction problem: moving resources from a supply or drop-off site to a construction site. The environments we study will also have a robot depot site, where robots recharge and replacements stand on deck.

Some questions that might be worth investigating:

- Can we bound the time it takes to complete the task based on inter-site distances, energy requirements, and number of robots?

- Is there an optimal robot replacement policy for a given problem?

- Can we tweak the roadmaps in some way to improve the replacement efficiency? For example, what happens if we split undirected edges into two directed pieces to create 'road lanes'?

- Can we make algorithms that are robust to robot/battery failures?

- How do the properties of the resources affect things? What happens if we vary the simulated weight, number of robots required to move them, add multiple types requiring different drop-off sites, include things like 'hazardous' materials that require special paths, etc.?


Final Report and Poster

-Towards Autonomous Navigation and Assembly using Visual Recognition

-Group Poster

Research Program

DREU: Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates

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