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Howdy! My name is Brandon Martinez (the one on the right side in the picture).

I was born and raised in the RGV (Rio Grande Valley) in Texas. I graduated form Thelma R. Salinas STEM Early College High School in 2016, while simultaneously receiving an Associates degree in Computer Science from South Texas College. Im about to begin my junior year at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

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Summer 2015

In the summer of 2015 I worked alongside; Dr. Nancy M. Amato, Jory Denny, Read Sandstrom, and Eli Zamora. I was introduced to Motion Planning and all its applications. My team and I introduced the very first planner that allows Region Steering be applied to non-holonomic constraints. Our combination of KRRT and Region Steering, had a dramatic decrease in computational time compared to KRRT. We demonstrated that it is possible to guide a high-dimensional, non-holonomic robot with low dimensional input.

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Summer 2016

For the summer of 2016 I will be doing research in Parasol Labs again, located in the Bright Building of Texas A&M College Station. I will be working on physical robots and Algorithms and Applications along with the help of Dr. Nancy M. Amato, Read Sandstrom, and Saurabh Mishra under the DREU program. In this summer's project, my team and I will work on modeling the first stage of a construction problem: moving resources from a supply/drop-off site to a construction site. Additionally the environments we study will also have a "robot depot site," where robots will be able recharge and replacements can be set to the task that was being worked on.

Some of the questions we are investigating include:

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