Brighid Wilhite

Mills College 2016

Computer Science & Creative Writing


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Brighid Wilhite

Mills College rising senior

Computer Science & Creative Writing double major

Circulation assistant

Aspiring superhero

I am a rower, a coder, a writer, a guitarist, and an eater of fine foods. Basically I'll try anything once, Jack of all trades master of none (yet).

I found my true love in a coffee cup, but have upgraded to iced tea.

My mentor

Dr. Ben Watson

Dr. Watson leads the User Experience Lab at NCSU.

For more information about his lab, go here.

The Project

How can we communicate categorical intersections of populations to better understand how different groups of people are related (e.g. age, gender, nationality, technology use) in a way that is easily understandable and quantifiable according to pre-existing research on perception?

Dr. Watson is using a visualization he calls ninja pie.

The question I am answering is:

What language and library best display more than two dimensions of these intersections using the ninja pie method?

I am working on a prototype for a ninja pie in JavaScript and using the d3 library.

I've done and will be doing a good deal of reading on data visualiation and human perception of space/color/shade. Additionally I am looking at forms of data visualization that currently exist that are not hierarchical. To further my understanding of the visualization I am working on.

The early part of this work consists mainly of adapting existing visualizations to a random data set I've created and figuring out how to adapt the existing methods to work for what we want.

The objective is to figure out if the new presentation is accurately understood by people who are looking at the data. Right now, as stated above, I am creating the prototype.