Distributed Research Experiences For Undergraduates - My Project

Alyssa Byrnes

About Me

My name is Alyssa Byrnes. I am an undergraduate student at Tulane University majoring in both mathematics and computer science. I will be graduating this school year, 2016. I hope to attend graduate school to get my PhD in computer science.

My Mentor

Mentor: Jennifer Welch
University: Texas A&M University
Department: Computer Science
Research Areas: Distributed Computing
Email: welch@cse.tamu.edu

Dr. Jennifer Welch's Website

Project Description

"An Improved Algorithm for a Relaxed Queue"

The idea of this project is to find a way to linearize run times in message passing systems by utilizing relaxed data structures. Previous work has been done to show the usefulness of relaxed queues by presenting pseudo code and analyzing run times. However, this work has not be completed, as some run time bounds could be tighter and some queue implementations still don't have pseudo code. The goal of this project is to work to tighten the run time bounds and create pseudo code to model a k-relaxed lateness queue.

Project Journal

To view a weekly journal of my experience, follow the link below.

My Project Journal