Oregon State University

Graphics & Visuaization Summer 2015

About Section

About Me

  • Name: Christian Brewton
  • College: University of Alabama
  • Department: College of Engineering
  • Grade: Rising Senior and plan to graduate in Spring 2016
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Contact: Email me!

About My Mentor

  • Name: Dr. Eugene Zhang
  • College: Oregon State University
  • Department: College of Engineering
  • Area of Research: Computer Graphics, Visualization, and Computational Topology
  • Dr. Zhang's Website: Website

About My Research

My main area of research this summer is about ontology visualization and creating a web portal for a site where users can easily manage annotations (similar to wiki). The main goal is to come up with an efficient way to store/retrieve annotations and also to bring various ontologies related to plants to a common place. We believe this is important because having all these plant related ontologies in a common place will speed up the discovery process of research. Another thing I am researching is how perspective on board games can impact the way you play using the game of go.

My Journals

Week 1

So on Monday, May 18th, I met wtih Dr. Zhang for the first time. We discussed both of our research interest. We continued to meet for the next several days just brainstorming various research topics until we came to the conclusion to either do Weiqi move analyasis/recommendation and visualization of Plant Ontology.

May 22, 2015