About me

Xuan Wen

Smith College

Computer Science & Philosophy

just finished sophomore, 2016er





Hi, I am Xuan. I am a rising junior from Smith College and currently I am exploring around the University of Washington campus. As a computer science and philosophy double major, I have to switch between different parts of my brain alternatively during the semester, and luckily for this summer I will be able to focus on one part only.

About my mentor

Anna R. Karlin

☆University of Washington
☆Computer Science & Engineering

Her research is primarily in theoretical computer science: the design and analysis of algorithms, particularly algorithmic game theory, probabilistic and online algorithms. She also works at the interface between theory and other areas, such as economics and game theory, data mining, operating systems, networks, and distributed systems.

Project Outline


●There are 4 people on the team:
☆Professor Anna Karlin & me
☆Kira Goldner,who is just starting her phD in UW
☆Professor John Zahorjan, who also teaches computer science in UW
●we plan to model bitcoin blockchain creation and study( only a primitive plan, to be updated later)


●when to propogate a block
●participate or not
●pool collaboration choices
●which block to mine on
●Block Explorer
●sybils attack


●disconnected reward
●cost of mining
●value of currency

Transaction Fee Model

●relation between verification delay & transaction feeFactors to wait for
●transaction fee
●cost query
●Strategy: choosing fraction of computing power vs. value of unmined transactions

Journal & Final Report

Journal 1

1st week
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Journal 2

2nd week
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Journal 3

3rd week
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Journal 4

4/5/6 week
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Journal 5

7/8 week
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Journal 6

9/10 week
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Final Report
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